Software Engineer, Node.js

Hotel Engine

Worked on the back end for the hotel supply team, primarily used TypeScript to handle integrations and reservation business logic. Was responsible for scoping and executing on multiple large refactors to older integrations, allowing them to receive necessary modern business configuration.


Full Stack Engineer

Sludge Snap

Led design & development for Sludge Snap, an ML-powered mobile web app to provide realtime image sample analysis to waste workers in the field. Not the most flashy project, but hey: I'll take "helps people" over "sounds cool" any day πŸ˜‰



Virginia Commonwealth University

Data structures, algorithms, linear algebra, oh my! After finishing the majority of my CS credits, I decided to re-enter the working world instead of paying for a final year of remote learning at VCU for credits unrelated to my profession πŸ™ƒ


Frontend Developer

Impak Technical

Front end developer in a small agency, working with Javascript and HTML/CSS to support multiple clients. Had a blast getting exposure to a ton of different client needs, but ultimately realized I'm more excited to work full-stack and concentrate my focus on building just one product πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»


Primary Product Engineer

Notch, Co. (acq. Capital One)

I worked with JS/CSS/HTML with the Angular and Ionic Frameworks and Java with Spring to deliver web and mobile applications for multiple enterprise clients. During my time there, I especially enjoyed leading development on an insurance portal for 250k members of the AMA from inception to launch, as well as building a starter codebase template for Notch’s front end projects that was used for all client engagements for several years.

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